Registration and Licensing (RepTracker)

For broker-dealers, collecting and maintaining all necessary information for registered reps is hugely time-consuming. When tracking licenses, appointments, registrations or continuing education requirements, it’s critical to have a tracking and workflow solution that aggregates data and provides real-time information about your registered reps.

NRS’ ComplianceGuardian™ Registration and Licensing solution, also known as RepTracker, aggregates and manages data about your registered reps that is critical for compliance management. Manage licenses, registrations and renewals on a state-by-state level through a single, centralized database.

Compliance administrators can immediately see registration states and the status of a rep’s license request, series 65 certification, CE requirements and more.

For Compliance Managers

NRS’ ComplianceGuardian™ Registration and Licensing (RepTracker) solution allows compliance managers to:

  • Review and submit U4/NRF filings on behalf of Reps directly to FINRA’s CRD
  • Run analytical reports for rep CRD and custom-defined data
  • Extract data for users, hierarchy and CRD
  • Comply with FINRA Rule 3270 and Supervisory Control Rules by reviewing and tracking submissions
  • Monitor rep activity with notifications

For Reps and Associated Individuals

NRS’ ComplianceGuardian™ Registration and Licensing (RepTracker) solution allows reps and associated individuals to:

  • Make amendments to U4 data and submit filings with supervisor approval,
  • Gain access to CRD data including CE/Exam window, current licenses and registrations,
  • Receive status and reminder notifications based on workflow statuses and CE/Exam windows,
  • Reduce manual data entry time and errors with pre-populated fields, and
  • Adhere to FINRA Rule 1250 with outstanding task and upcoming deadline alerts.