February 12, 2019 - Event

Two Persistent Compliance Challenges: Insider Trading and Advisory Contracts

Course Description: The ongoing insider trading investigations and civil and criminal enforcement actions involving Wall Street professionals is a reminder of the importance of an investment adviser having effective policies and procedures to detect and prevent the misuse of material nonpublic information. This mission-critical topic will be a focal point of the course. Section 204A […]
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June 20, 2019 - Event

Compliance Programs Rules and Strategies for Managing Your Annual Review

Course Description: Compliance professionals must be ever mindful of the ongoing mandates embodied in Rule 206(4)-7 under the Investment Advisers Act and Rule 38a-1 under the Investment Company Act to maintain, review, test and modify written compliance policies and procedures that are reasonably designed to detect violations and weaknesses in internal controls and compliance systems. […]
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July 25, 2019 - Event

State Registered Investment Advisers: A Compliance Tutorial for Working with State Regulators

Course Description: The North American Securities Administrator Association (NASAA) Coordinated Exams Program is a biennial initiative conducted to identify common investment adviser deficiencies. NASAA issues a comprehensive report that documents examination outcomes from a sample of state level investment advisers and provides suggested best practices to avoid regulatory violations. The last report (2017) recorded 1,227 […]
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December 10, 2019 - Event

Compliance Professional Summit

Course Description: Today’s compliance professionals are facing an era of dynamic and rapid regulatory change. New regulatory leadership and initiatives are changing securities regulation in fundamental ways. More demanding regulatory inspections and growing expectations (such as social media and cloud computing) are straining compliance resources. Now, more than ever, the periodic identification and assessment of […]
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December 3, 2019 - Event

Two Trading Compliance Challenges: Valuation and Trade Errors

Trade errors are inevitable. What distinguishes compliant firms is that they detect and identify them quickly, resolve them fairly and expeditiously, and minimize the likelihood of errors in the first place.
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November 26, 2019 - Event

IACCP Exam Study Session (optional)

Course Description: Practice and preparation are two ways to help you improve your IACCP test results. This IACCP examination study session will help accomplish both for you. The instructor-led session will test your knowledge and allow you to become familiar with the types of questions you will encounter when taking the actual exam. Refresh your […]
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November 21, 2019 - Event

RIA Year-End Compliance Check-up

Course Description: This timely course gives you the opportunity to review, identify and discuss investment adviser compliance action items that should be part of the compliance officer’s year-end checklist. To help review the current year and plan for the future, instructors will walk you through key compliance resolutions for the year ahead. Essential to this […]
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November 19, 2019 - Event

Advisers Act Anti-Fraud Rules: Custody, Political Contributions, Solicitors and Proxy Voting Requirements

The SEC’s anti-fraud rules pursuant to Section 206 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 lay the regulatory foundation of the adviser’s relationship with its clients.
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November 5, 2019 - Event

Investment Adviser Codes of Ethics: The Rule Plus Implications of Gifts and Whistleblowers

Course Description: Ethics is not an option; it’s a requirement. Since the adoption of the SEC Rule on Codes of Ethics, every registered investment adviser firm must adopt codes of ethics that establish standards of conduct and address conflicts that arise from personal trading issues. Many state advisers have also adopted a code of ethics […]
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October 31, 2019 - Event

Trading Practices, Portfolio Compliance and Related Enforcement Cases

Course Description: As a fiduciary, an investment adviser has many obligations to the client including developing, implementing and testing policies, procedures and disclosures to ensure proper trading practices. Compliance, legal and trading experts will offer an overview of the trading process and appropriate best practices, and provide “hands-on” compliance solutions for the following mission-critical areas: […]
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