Gifts and Entertainment

Managing and capturing gifts and entertainment information while also enforcing your firm’s policy and procedures is a complex, detailed and onerous set of tasks. NRS’ Gifts and Entertainment solution swiftly streamlines the process and keeps you fully compliant with FINRA rule 3220 and MSRB G-20.

Firms count on the NRS Gifts and Entertainment solution for:

  • Thorough and accurate customized reporting,
  • Intuitive and fast transaction entry, and
  • Increased transparency with employee transaction summaries.

Efficiency is designed into the solution with:

  • Highly configurable dollar- and occurrence-based transaction limits,
  • Online aggregation and transaction detail reports,
  • Customizable email notification templates,
  • Comprehensive audit history,
  • Easy integration with T&E, HR, CRM, Registration and other internal systems,
  • Single Sign On (SSO) availability,
  • Highly configurable limits and user interface – no programming required,
  • An intuitive user interface requiring minimal training, and
  • Elimination of duplicate entries easily interfaces with in-house Accounting, Reimbursement and HR.