Form ADV Part 2B

The ComplianceMAX™ Part 2B solution is a flexible and scalable tool for meeting Form ADV Part 2B requirements. Constantly changing data makes the lifecycle of a Part 2B supplement short. Gathering updated data, approving and publishing supplements, maintaining records and generating reports on an ongoing basis is hugely time consuming.

NRS ComplianceMAXPart 2B solution:

  • Reduces time spent creating or updating Part 2B supplements
  • Streamlines operational aspects of administrating your program including data collection, verification and approval workflow
  • Publishes Part 2B brochure supplements in the required PDF format
  • Supports ongoing updates as adviser data changes including address information, disclosure reporting pages (DRP) and education so you remain compliant

Monitor, manage and measure compliance

Management can monitor, manage and measure compliance activities from initiation through completion using Part 2B’s robust reporting. They can meet ongoing Form ADV Part 2B requirements with less headcount because the Part 2B Solution automates processes and

  • Streamlines operational workflow by automating the distribution of information and the collection of materials
  • Increases supervisory control through configurable business rules and workflow tailored to your firm’s business process and organizational structure
  • Accelerates the approvals of submissions through automated data collection, tracking, approval and filing
  • Eliminates duplicative compliance activities by your reps and advisers with one, easy-to-use interface
  • Eliminates disparate documents such as e-mails, spreadsheets and data with consolidated processes within a single, firm-wide technology platform
  • Secures books and records support including a complete audit trail, with identified information and all data, including related documents and materials.