Audit Technology

As costs for operating a firm’s audit/branch exam program escalate, stakeholders must develop greater efficiencies. Designed by auditors, and used in some of the most rigorous national audit programs, NRS Audit Technology solution helps firms manage, track and run reports on their entire audit program through one efficient solution.

Among its many benefits, NRS Audit Technology eases the entire findings and remediation cycle while also maintaining a comprehensive audit trail. It provides for easy communication and follow-up between compliance teams and branch locations. For example, communication of findings and subsequent remediation can be communicated with text or images that prove remediation is complete. Then the system maintains a complete audit trail.

With templates that are both specific to your firm and your business model, NRS Audit Technology is a powerful compliance tool that is the right fit for most firms.

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Flexibility and Control

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With NRS Audit Technology, firms can:

  • Gain maximum flexibility and control with a well-designed and customized audit questionnaire. Control audit design and design, build and deploy intelligent audit questionnaires that are pre-configured with regulatory guidelines, firm policies, and comments.
  • Align technology with business. Aligning workflows with your firm’s field audit processes for efficient training and fail-safe compliance processes and create a single, all-inclusive audit record.
  • Ensure a lifecycle of corrective actions independent of audit findings. Generate, communicate and track corrective actions through to closure more efficiently. Share communication among all participants. Initiate corrective actions faster. Build a verifiable audit trail for the entire process.
  • Conduct and complete field audits effectively and efficiently. A modern and responsive user-friendly interface provides a seamless experience to data input and audit review, optimizing the overall time spent per audit.

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