Form CRS Tool

Beginning in June of 2020, Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers will need to comply and submit a new disclosure form – Form CRS. While brief in nature, the information required can pose challenges to compliance operations.

NRS ComplianceGuardian™’s Form CRS tool is a profile driven solution which will allow you to generate a firm specific document that can be further tailored to ensure your Form CRS is as unique as your firm.

Step-by-step, ComplianceGuardian™’s Form CRS tool establishes a profile for your firm, through guiding you through questions that will collect critical information and identify the content required for your Form CRS. Selected NRS model content is then combined with your profile answers and compiled into a Form CRS, which is then made available as an editable document, allowing you to make final firm-specific additions or adjustments.

Form CRS Tool is available as an add-on to a new or existing ComplianceGuardian™ subscription or can be purchased as a stand-alone solution

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Flexibility in compliance with Form CRS

NRS ComplianceGuardian™’s Form CRS Tool is available as a standalone solution, or on to as part of your current subscription; providing you with the flexibility to add to your current technology infrastructure, or with the opportunity to evaluate your full technology deployment to address gaps in your compliance program for compliance confidence.