ComplianceGuardian™ Form ADV 2B

Swiftly develop “plain English” disclosures with the ComplianceGuardian™ Form ADV 2B solution. Designed by NRS’ deeply experienced compliance professionals this solution provides tools to quickly and accurately craft narratives of advisory business, services and conflicts of interest, along with supplemental information on specific individuals providing investment advice or client servicing.

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Put ComplianceGuardian™ to work for you

Put the ComplianceGuardian™ Form ADV 2B solution to work for you and:

Construct the appropriate language for adviser brochures through a simple to use question and answer interface

Customize drafted disclosure language with firm-specific information. Once completed, the brochures can be saved in any number of formats, including the IARD-required text searchable PDF format

Comply with brochure filing requirements by communicating potential conflicts of interest and personnel information such as disciplinary actions or professional experience to clients and prospects in “plain English”

Create supplements individually, for one firm or grouped together to mirror a branch structure without re-entering any data. Easily create brochure variations by setting up groups of advisers that require inclusion in a Part 2B brochure. Once the firm selects the individuals and builds a group, the ComplianceGuardian™ Form ADV 2B solution will combine their information into a single brochure.