Transactional Exemption Module

NRS’ Blue Sky Solution Transaction Exemption solution restores transparency to omnibus accounts returning control of blue sky reporting back to the fund. This solution reduces costs through apportionment of appropriate fees allowing for tighter blue sky reporting controls resulting in preservation of shareholder value and improved expense management.

The system identifies transactions that are eligible for exemption from Blue Sky reporting, while categorizing and reporting all required transactions that represent the reportable Blue Sky sales. Direct reporting identifies exemptions that would otherwise be lost through omnibus reporting.

Streamline your Transactions

The NRS’ Blue Sky SolutionTM Transaction Exemption Module enables you to:

Repurpose existing data used in compliance monitoring for frequent trading activity and facilitate compliance with Blue Sky reporting in conjunction with the offer and sale of securities in a particular state

Eliminate the need for “inception-to-date” files from intermediaries by replacing them with output files that have been created using a rules engine to categorize transactions as reportable or exempt

Provide complete transparency to blue sky sales activity and greater accuracy in Blue Sky reporting by eliminating complicated processes required to maintain “inception-to-date” files

Set up rules that identify eligibility for the range of states’ exemptions

Reduce fund expenses and preserve shareholder value by maximizing recognition of transactional exemptions to reduce Mutual Fund sales based notice filing fees

Replace one or all of your broker-dealer omnibus feeds over a period of time

Eliminate manual research of large trades by identifying transactions in accounts that qualify as sales to “institutional investors” or “sales to existing security holders”