Use NRS Securities Exam Prep with Confidence: No-Pass, No-Pay Guarantee!

NRS Securities Exam Prep is an industry-leading program with a NO-PASS, NO-PAY Guarantee. Complete our program, achieve green light status and pass the Series 6, Series 7, Series 63, Series 65 or Series 66 exam confidently!

Each of our exam prep programs is divided into modules that cover all topics in the FINRA or NASAA outline for that exam. Our modules include executive summaries, PDF-printable lessons, on-demand tutorials and short quizzes.

Each program also includes:

  • Section tests, midterm exams and mini-finals that test topics from multiple modules
  • Final exams that mirror the actual FINRA/NASAA exam
  • Direct access to our knowledgeable instructors throughout your studies.

By completing each module and taking our final exams with an average score at least three (3) points higher than the passing score for the FINRA/NASAA, you will prove to yourself and our instructors that you’re ready to test with confidence. That’s our green light status!

Over 90% of our green light students pass their FINRA/NASAA exams, and we are confident you will pass yours! If for any reason you don’t, we’ll refund your money.*

That’s our NO-PASS, NO-PAY Guarantee. That’s Confidence. That’s NRS!

* The NRS Exclusive NO-PASS, NO-PAY Guarantee: To qualify for a refund, you must complete all course materials: Read all modules, attend all tutorials, take all quizzes and tests, and achieve an average score on your first attempt final exams of 3% over the passing score requirement for your FINRA/NASSA exam. Refund applies to online course fees only.

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