The Devil You Know Is Better Than the Devil You Don’t

With the passing requirement for the Series 66 exam being lowered from 75% to 73% effective July 1, 2016, many candidates are asking if they should put off testing until after July 1. Certainly getting a 73% is easier than a 75%, right? Another way to consider it is that “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.”

Sure, the passing requirement will be a couple points lower, but the exam outline will also be slightly expanded to include some new topics and emphasis. This means that there will be new questions in the database. FIRE Solutions will provide an addendum to cover the points that we anticipate will be tested on these topics, and over time, we’ll be able to tighten up the materials to what is being newly tested. Since neither NASAA nor FINRA ever announce exact exam questions, or even detailed information on what is being tested, it will take us (and any exam prep provider) some time to discern the changes. During that transition period, there will be some uncertainty about what the exam will look like (whether it is “easier” or “harder” than the current exam).

What we do know is that the FIRE Solutions material is extremely effective in how it addresses the current version of the test; this is reflected in our industry-high passing ratio. Additionally, our exams are highly predictive so that you’ll know exactly when you’re ready to test.

Whatever “devil” you decide to tackle, we’ll be here to assist you with your studies!