Why your investment firm should prioritize regulatory compliance education and training in 2023

The regulatory compliance landscape is constantly evolving. As the compliance professional leading the regulatory program at your registered investment advisory firm, broker-dealer firm or hedge fund, educating your employees and continuing to provide training is one of the most critical steps to mitigating risk points and avoiding noncompliance.


Your employees are the best defense mechanism against potential risks and challenges, but only if they are educated on the core compliance issues facing your firm…and how their role can help alleviate potential future challenges.

In fact, uninformed employees can create weaknesses in your compliance program, which if not addressed, could potentially put your firm at risk of violation, resulting in fines and reputational damages.

The benefits of consistent regulatory compliance education and training

Ongoing trainings and educational courses allow your advisory firm’s employees to gain a 360-degree picture of the regulatory compliance landscape, including new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) rulings and the impact they have on your firm’s specific business practices.

Not only should your firm prioritize educating its employees on the customized policies and procedures unique to your firm, but it should leverage holistic compliance education to ensure all firm employees understand the regulatory landscape at large and the influence it has on your firm’s success. By leaning into consistent, firm-wide educational opportunities your advisory firm can benefit from:

  • Firm-wide support of compliance initiatives and new projects.
  • Firm employees well-versed in regulatory complexities, who are prepared to help address compliance and regulatory changes before they create risks for your firm.
  • Certified professionals with a reputation for knowing the latest regulations, best practices and trends…and who always put the best interest of the client first.

Regulatory compliance education and training with NRS

As a leader in regulatory compliance education and training, NRS continuously introduces new courses to edify the compliance community on the latest risk points and compliance issues. Courses cover topics including:

  • Books and records requirements.
  • The SEC’s new Marketing Rule.
  • Fiduciary duty.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Form ADV.

Register today for upcoming educational webinars and reap the benefits of an informed employee base within your firm.