The NRS Fall Compliance Conference is now part of the ComplyConnect Conference & Expo: Here’s what you need to know

What’s happening with the NRS Compliance Conference? If you are a dedicated attendee of the conference – whether for Investment Adviser Certification Compliance Professionals® (IACCP) accreditation or simply because you are a compliance professional serving an investment adviser, broker-dealer or such who likes to stay in the know on the latest compliance trends and updates – you might be asking this exact question. The answer is an exciting one.

In late 2021, NRS was acquired by ComplySci as one of three strategic acquisition which helped to create one of the most robust, comprehensive compliance offerings on the market today. As part of this acquisition process, NRS brought with it a legacy of continued education and compliance and consulting excellence, to add to the robust product offerings of ComplySci family of firms, which also now includes RIA in a Box and illumis. When we began planning this year’s fall conference, we knew it was time to grow it right along our family of firms, which lead to the introduction of the first annual industrywide ComplyConnect Conference & Expo.

“The ComplySci portfolio of companies has witnessed firsthand the evolution of regulatory compliance, most acutely in the last few years as compliance professionals have faced an avalanche of increased risk and regulatory enforcement,” said ComplySci Chief Executive Officer Amy Kadomatsu.

“As our family of firms continues to grow, we wanted to build on the success of the long-standing NRS fall conference to create an all-encompassing industry event, one which addresses the needs of our industry in a way that hasn’t been done in the past. Because although incredibly critical to the long-term success of firms, there are not a lot of opportunities for chief compliance officers and their teams to connect and engage in discussions. The first-ever ComplyConnect Conference and Expo will provide them with a chance to do just that.”

What you need to know about the ComplyConnect Conference & Expo

What’s different about the ComplyConnect Conference & Expo vs. the original NRS Fall Compliance Conference? What can you expect in Austin, Texas, Nov. 8 – 10? Let’s dive into the top three additions.

1.The ComplyConnect Conference & Expo offers expanded educational opportunities.

Conference attendees will select from multiple track options designed specifically to enhance their experience and instruct them on the current and predicted compliance trends and best practices. The tracks will benefit chief compliance officers (CCO) and compliance professionals across the spectrum of financial services and many seminars in the conference will remain IACCP accredited.

2. The ComplyConnect Conference & Expo is just that a conference AND an expo.

Because the conference and expo offer an expanded experience beyond the educational tracks mentioned above, your registration gains you unparalleled access to:

  • Discussions led by industry regulators and compliance experts regarding the challenges and risks being faced in today’s regulatory landscape.
  • Roundtable discussions and workshops which let you dig into the nitty-gritty with a select group of your peers.
  • Exhibitors from top compliance resources, providing you with insight into how their solutions can help your program continue to mitigate risk.
  • Networking opportunities with industry peers from around the country.

3. The ComplyConnect Conference & Expo includes the first annual ComplyConnect Awards.

You or one of your industry peers could take home the gold at our ComplyConnect Awards! Nominations are open now and categories include:

  • Compliance Officer of the Year.
  • Compliance Innovator of the Year.
  • Compliance Provider of the Year.
  • Compliance Educator of the Year.
  • Future Compliance Star of the Year.

Note: The ComplySci family of firms are not eligible to receive any awards. Nominations are due by Thursday, Sept. 1. A committee of experts will review submissions and announce the finalists in early October.

With so much to offer, the inaugural ComplyConnect Conference & Expo is sure to be an event you won’t want to miss. Register now! Email if you have any questions.