Cybersecurity Training: A Wise Investment in Prevention

In spite of fortunes being spent on technology to protect sensitive information, experts warn that most firms overlook a critical, primary defense to protect information and other assets from attack: Their employees.

The SEC and FINRA have announced and are now demonstrating their heightened scrutiny of cybersecurity systems in firms of all sizes. And don’t expect a foreseeable end to this sustained trend! Check out these facts:

  • Approximately 70% of cyber breaches involve a company insider who was compromised through phishing tactics
  • The recent hacking of a national political party was traced to a phishing scam

These facts illustrate the necessity of educating and regularly updating staff on their first-line responsibility to be vigilant against phishing and other fraudulent schemes.

Let our industry experts help train your employees on the most current information regarding cybersecurity rule changes and cyber-attack techniques.

NRS offers two popular CE courses that address current industry developments and educate professionals about their role in their employer’s cyber defense system:

  • Cybersecurity for Firms
  • Cybersecurity for Representatives and Clients

Remember: Cybersecurity policies, procedures, and systems are not “set it and forget it” defenses, and industry professionals must continually stay abreast of developing trends.

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