Cybersecurity for Representatives and Clients

FIRE Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of Cybersecurity for Representatives and Clients to our Firm Element Continuing Education course catalog.

Cybersecurity for Representatives and Clients is designed for those working in the financial services industry who have contact with sensitive customer information or have responsibilities related to the protection of both customer information and/or proprietary firm information. This course is beneficial for all associated persons who wish to learn more about how to protect this information from misuse and illegal activity, and how to educate clients on protecting their financial information.

This course describes the importance of a cybersecurity program, the tactics used to hack into a firm’s systems, and ways that representatives and their clients can prevent these breaches. Best practices for employees who handle confidential and sensitive information are discussed, and examples are given for the specific information that must be protected. Finally, the course describes FINRA’s recent focus on specific aspects of cybersecurity such as cloud storage, crowdfunding, and customer account protection.

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