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December 19 2022 - NRS Insights

The SEC’s ESG proposed rules are almost imminent – is your investment firm prepared?

The SEC’s ESG proposed regulations could mean sweeping climate-related disclosure requirements for public companies. Is your investment firm prepared? Here are the top takeaways.
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December 12 2022 - NRS Insights

SEC risk alert: Compliance with Regulation S-ID

On Dec. 5, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a risk alert on Regulation S-ID, which mandates qualified firms to create identity theft protection programs. Qualified firms include broker-dealers, investment companies and some investment advisers. According to the SEC, “Through its examinations, EXAMS staff identified practices that are inconsistent with the objectives of Regulation S-ID, which may leave retail customers vulnerable to identity theft and financial loss. Below are examples of the most common deficiencies identified by EXAMS staff in connection with the elements of Regulation S-ID.”
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December 8 2022 - NRS Insights

SEC’s new marketing rule and cybersecurity focus put pressure on investment firms

The past year has seen an onslaught of new regulations from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), like the new marketing rule for investment advisers, and regulators focus on cybersecurity risks. These changes have put pressure on investment firms to adapt their compliance programs accordingly. Find out how firms are navigating the SEC’s new marketing rule and regulators’ focus on cybersecurity risks.
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December 7 2022 - NRS Insights

Regulatory compliance news: What the SEC’s enforcement actions and rulemaking in November signal for 2023

The month of November proved to be, if nothing else, an active month for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), perfectly exemplifying their ongoing methodology for rulemaking and regulation enforcement. And while you likely saw the updates occurring in real-time, looking back with the full perspective of the actions throughout the month can help you identify the strategic patterns of the SEC, and how they might, in 2023, impact your firm.
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November 29 2022 - NRS Insights

The DOL’s PTE 2020-02: summary and impact on advisers

Preparing for retirement is one of the most impactful goals you’ll ever help your clients achieve. And as part of that preparation, it’s likely you provide ongoing guidance regarding their retirement savings accounts including 401(k)s, 403(b)s and IRAs. But as part of a recent ruling by the Department of Labor (DOL), you may need to adjust your process regarding retirement account rollover advice. The DOL’s PTE 2020-02, known as “Improving Investment Advice for Workers & Retirees,” set new requirements for registered investment advisers (RIA) and broker-dealers who provide recommendations to employer-sponsored retirement plan participants. Here’s what you need to know to stay compliant.
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November 23 2022 - NRS Insights

What’s happening in D.C.? A recap of SEC regulations and news SEC updates from Washington

Whether you’re a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-registered investment adviser firm, broker-dealer, hedge fund or private company, the rapid-fire pace of news and updates coming from Washington is enough to keep any CCO up at night. At the inaugural ComplyConnect Conference & Expo, Kirkland & Elis LLP​ Partner Investment Funds Marian Fowler and Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP Partner John Walsh sat down at the aptly named panel “What’s happening in D.C.?” to discuss the numerous and substantive regulations which have been proposed or finalized by the SEC this year as well as the role the mid-term elections will play in 2023 SEC priorities.
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November 9 2022 - NRS Insights

The SEC’s new Marketing Rule is now in effect. Let us help!

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) new marketing rule for investment advisers went into effect on Nov. 4, 2022. Some firms are already in full compliance with the new marketing rule, some firms are in the initial stages of complying with the new marketing rule, and some firms are not in compliance at all. If your firm falls into the latter two categories, the time to act is now! You must immediately ensure that you are in full compliance, or you put yourself at risk of a violation and a hefty enforcement action.
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November 8 2022 - NRS Insights

Introducing COMPLY: Parent brand enhances National Regulatory Services (NRS) compliance tools and offerings

National Regulatory Services (NRS) has a long and well-respected legacy within the regulatory landscape, with NRS compliance technology, education and consulting services providing our customers with the innovative, effective solutions to the most complex compliance challenges. Now, we are starting an exciting new chapter – introducing COMPLY.
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October 21 2022 - NRS Insights

How to achieve your Investment Adviser Certified Compliance Professional (IACCP) designation and why it matters

Compliance professionals are tasked with the near impossible: mitigate firm-wide risk, stay up to date on all new compliance regulations and rulings, maintain a culture of compliance and continue to prioritize your education (and your team’s) through it all. Talk about a packed schedule. However, while we might have listed education last, this specific facet of your role is the key to achieving and maintaining compliance. Why? By prioritizing continued learning, you ensure you and your team stay at the top of their compliance game, proactively identifying new risks and working with fellow compliance professionals to discover best practices which could very well be the answer to your toughest compliance challenge. With that in mind, we’re here to break down the benefits of an IACCP designation, the requirements and how you can achieve your designation in 2022 and beyond.
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October 11 2022 - NRS Insights

ComplyConnect 2022 sessions to help you achieve your IACCP® designation

Calling all IACCP® designees! Still need continuing education credits to achieve your IACCP® designation this year? Don’t fret! We’ve got some great news for you! ComplyConnect conferences are designed to meet criteria for continuing education credits for compliance professionals, CPAs/accountants, attorneys and other professionals. In fact, the 2022 ComplyConnect Conference & Expo offers the opportunity to earn up to 18.0 continuing education credits in just three days! Interested in learning more? Let’s break it down!
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