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NRS FIRE Mastery Exams for Securities Industry Essentials (SIE), Series 6, 7, 9, 63, 65 and 66 are designed to test your overall mastery of the concepts tested on securities exams. Closely replicating the actual exam experience in terms of content, format, requirements and difficulty, passing our mastery exams provides students with a true gauge on their preparedness.

NRS FIRE Mastery Exams are the same exams as are included in our full exam prep course, and offers the added flexibility of a valuable studying tool, without the expense of a full enrollment in a FIRE Solutions course; providing a companion or addition to courses from other providers.


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Mastery Exam Details

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Each Series Exam package includes the following number of timed Mastery Exams and questions:

  • Securities Industry Essentials (SIE): Three (3) 75 question exams
  • Series 6: Three (3) 100 question exams
  • Series 7: Four (4) 125 question exams
  • Series 9: Three (3) 55 question exams
  • Series 63 Four (4) 60 question exams
  • Series 65: Four (4) 130 question exam
  • Series 66: Four (4) 100 question exams

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