Series 7 and 66

NRS FIRE’s Series 7 and 66 Exam prep bundle provides students with the knowledge they need to prepare for their exams and pass successfully. Backed by FIRE’s exclusive “Green Light” plan, the exam prep bundle allows students to gauge their readiness to move forward, and build confidence in their knowledge and expertise.

Students achieving a “green light” by completing 100% of the module quizzes and exams with a passing grade, pass their overall exams over 90% of the time, all at an affordable cost.


Series 7 and 66 Exam Preparation training can help you get your career started.

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FIRE's Series 7 & 66 Exam Prep Features

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  • Online self-study modules
  • Live and recorded web tuc
  • Online quizzes and Final exams. Your average score on our final exams is typically within 3 points of your actual score
  • FIRE’s Green Light plan ensuring you stay on track (90%+ pass rate)
  • Free on-demand printing of online materials
  • Unlimited toll-free telephone and email access to our expert trainers
  • 6 week and 12 week Series 7 syllabi
  • 3 week Series 66 syllabus

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