Series 10

Series 10 – General Securities Sales Supervisor – General

The Series 10 Exam is a principal level FINRA exam that, along with the Series 9 Exam, qualifies an individual to supervise sales activity in full range of investment products, including municipal securities and options. While this exam does NOT qualify individuals to supervise investment banking, it fulfills the qualification requirement to be a branch office manager.

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Series 10 Exam Details

Exam Format: 145 multiple-choice questions
Exam Duration: 4 hours (240 minutes)
Passing Score: 70%

Prerequisite: SIE + Series 7
Corequisite: Series 9
Broker-dealer Sponsorship: required

Series 10 Exam Outline

FUNCTION DESCRIPTION Percentage of Exam No. Questions
Function 1: Supervise Associated Persons and Personnel Management Activities 19% 28
Function 2: Supervise the Opening and Maintenance of Customer Accounts 34% 49
Function 3: Supervise Sales Practices and General Trading Activities 36% 52
Function 4: Supervise Communications with the Public 11% 16
TOTAL 100% 145

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Test Center

Prometric is the sole vendor delivering all FINRA-administered exams. Prometric facilities are located in most cities. To schedule an exam, contact Prometric at

If your local test center does not have favorable availability, consider testing in a neighboring city. Ask about parking when you schedule your exam.
Candidates must present valid, current, government issued photo identification. This includes

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Military ID

Student IDs are NOT accepted by Prometric.

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