Securities Licensing

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Working in the securities industry requires registration with various regulators. Which qualifying exams you must take depends on whether your firm provides:

  • Brokerage services
  • Investment advisory services
  • Both

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To qualify and register as a broker-dealer agent, individuals must pass two FINRA exams:

  • The Securities Industry Essentials (SIE or Essentials) exam
  • A Specialized Knowledge Exam (SKE), commonly called a “Top-off” exam (i.e. Series 6 or Series 7)

Additionally, a NASAA exam (i.e Series 63) may be required to register with the state.

Investment Advisers

To qualify and register as an investment adviser or an investment adviser representative, individuals must pass NASAA’s Series 65.

Dual Capacity Firms

To qualify and register as a BD agent and an IA/IAR, individuals must pass the Series 7 plus either the:

  • Series 66 or
  • Series 65 and Series 63


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