Custom Training

Compliance is achieved through balancing the complexity of regulatory requirements with the reality of running a business. Custom training solutions can make up a powerful component of your compliance program cultivating a culture of compliance at all levels of your organization that is unique to your firm, its values and its business.

Custom Training programs are developed and conducted by the NRS team of expert compliance professionals with decades experience working in the private sector and for regulatory bodies.

NRS Education experts work with your compliance team to identify your educational goals, and create a custom curriculum that will achieve your compliance objectives and create a culture of compliance. NRS custom training programs are designed to address your firm’s unique needs – from general compliance and code of ethics training to hedge fund solutions and more.

NRS Custom Training demonstrates your firm’s commitment to compliance at all levels. Clients rely on our programs for:

  • Flexibility: courses that can be delivered online or in person
  • Objectivity: a training environment created on third-party objectivity
  • Remediating Deficiencies: the ability to meet shorter deadlines and focus on specific compliance deficiencies
  • Fulfillment of Annual Compliance Meeting and AML training requirements.