Anti-Money Laundering

Given new, sophisticated ways to launder money and engage in other fraudulent activities, broker dealers are under increased pressure to remain compliant.

FINRA Rule 3310 and the USA Patriot Act require that broker dealers and dually-registered firms implement an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program with appropriate policies and procedures in place, including a customer identification program. They also require that the firms review their AML policy and procedures on an annual basis.

NRS FIRE AML Training offers an affordable and cost-effective method to stay compliant and up-to-date, allowing firms to decrease their risk while educating their employees on the latest trends in money laundering and how to detect them.

NRS Broker dealer Anti-Money Laundering courseware provides for rapid firm-wide implementation and real-time participation reporting and is:

  • Comprehensive and Continuously Updated including NRS AML Current Issues course for the most recent trends in the reporting of suspicious activity, the newest schemes used in the placement, layering and integration of money, countries in high‐risk categories and case studies highlighting consequences of non-compliance with AML rules and regulations.
  • Reliable, Compatible and Available: All courses are browser neutral and mobile-friendly allowing you to focus on the content without technology or platform restrictions.

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