Editorial Policy

Accuity is the intelligent source of reference data for payments, risk assessment and due diligence.

Our strict editorial policy dictates:

  • Only institutions that are authorised by an internationally recognised banking   regulatory authority are categorised as banks on Bankers Almanac.
  • Our dedicated content teams are in continuous contact with financial institutions, regulatory authorities and associations to verify the information on our website.
  • There is no charge to submit information to our website as we aim to be comprehensive.
  • Banks can update their own data on-line or alert us to changes on other institutions.
  • Our database is updated daily with the latest verified information to ensure that Bankers Almanac is the only reference data provider that:
    • sources due diligence documents from international banks and regulatory authorities and checks they contain key information and date of receipt.
    • confirms the data contained in our Mergers & Acquisitions and Group Structures with the institutions themselves, parent companies or regulatory authorities.
    • uses audited annual reports in our financial summaries and Bankers Almanac Due Diligence.

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If you have any questions regarding our editorial policy please contact our Editorial Department.