NRS Introduces an Exclusive and Unrivaled Compliance Technology Solution for Advertising and Communications Review

National Regulatory Services (NRS), the national leader in compliance consulting, education and technology solutions, today announced the release of an enhanced version of ComplianceMAX™, its modular technology solution that helps broker-dealers, investment advisers and insurers implement a best practices approach to stringent regulatory compliance requirements for public communications and advertising review.

The enhanced solution includes features that allow firms to capture and submit Public Communications and Advertising materials including electronic media and publicly accessible social networking pages by automatically capturing, processing, annotating and archiving communications from websites, blogs, e-mails, documents, spreadsheets, images or sound files  for compliance review.

All materials reviewed are electronically archived to generate a comprehensive audit trail that documents each submission, change process and approval.  Clients have the ability to capture a broader range of media types in order to submit, review and archive as well as produce detailed reports by any search criteria, i.e. registered representative, reviewer, department or submission type, making it possible to analyze all communication reviews and enforce the firm’s policies and procedures.

“Compliance professionals need superior tools to increase productivity and exceed current regulatory requirements in order to meet the challenges in an increasingly-connected world, and ComplianceMAX™ is that tool,” Brent Newman, Managing Director of NRS’s Technology Group “We will continue to help our customers successfully navigate the evolving regulatory environment by leveraging our breadth of knowledge and compliance expertise, as well as incorporate our customer’s feedback when designing our technology products”.

ComplianceMAX™ can transform broker-dealers’, investment advisers’ and insurers’ error-prone and expensive paper- and spreadsheet-based processes into a centralized and electronic flow of information.

About NRS

National Regulatory Services (NRS) is the nation’s leader in compliance and registration products and services for investment advisers, broker-dealers, hedge funds, investment companies and insurance institutions.  NRS has the practical expertise, proven capability and unparalleled reach to deliver integrated and effective compliance solutions to a wide range of users within the financial services industry.  NRS delivers these solutions through three interrelated offerings – comprehensive education, best-in-class technology and expert consulting services – enabling our clients to meet their regulatory requirements and minimize risk.