NRS and Fox Financial Planning Network: AdvisorTouch Symphony

NRS (National Regulatory Services) and Fox Financial Planning Network (FFPN) announce the launch of AdvisorTouch Symphony, the only program of its kind to help financial advisory firms harness the power of combining robo-technology with practice management. FFPN created this program to demystify robo-technology for advisory firms and provide a detailed road map through every aspect of the implementation process to help firms maximize the benefits of its use.

Advisory firms that utilize the program will receive access to a wealth of resources and support designed to guide them step-by-step through necessary decision-making, get up and running quickly and help them effectively leverage the technology for the greatest ROI according to their own business model. AdvisorTouch Symphony is available to financial advisory firms as well as enterprises, such as large RIAs, custodians and broker/dealers.

Robust, advisor-friendly robo-technology is here. Until now, there hasn’t been a comprehensive resource available to guide advisory firms through the strategic, marketing, implementation and practice management issues that accompany its use. FFPN created AdvisorTouch Symphony to fill this gap.

FFPN has formed alliances with three other top industry service providers who are contributing to the program.  Jemstep provides its expertise and its Advisor Pro robo-technology as the underlying automated investment service platform. National Regulatory Services (NRS) is available to provide compliance guidance and supporting technology and True North Networks provides guidance in the area of cyber security, for firms that may need guidance in these two areas.

“To date advisor-friendly robos have been signing up advisory firms, but advisors and their staff don’t know where to go from there. AdvisorTouch Symphony builds the bridge between the advisory firm and the automated investment service so that all involved can succeed,” said Deborah Fox, CEO and founder of FFPN.

“Many advisors have mistakenly pigeon-holed robo-platforms as a business model for only serving millennials or clients with small accounts. Advisors haven’t yet realized they can also leverage a robo for working more efficiently with their existing “A” clients. A robo-platform is simply another technology tool firms can use to improve their service offering – no matter what their investment philosophy is. Any firm that is serious about improving their clients’ experience should utilize Symphony to design an upgrade their current offering,” Fox added.

“It is critical that investment advisers properly implement any robo-advice platform from a compliance perspective. NRS commends Fox financial for developing a comprehensive program and will be available to ensure that program participants consider and adopt all required compliance policies and procedures,” commented John Gebauer, President for NRS.

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About NRS

Owned by the Reed Elsevier (RELX Group), National Regulatory Service (NRS) is part of Accuity, the global standard for payment efficiency and compliance solutions. NRS is a leading provider of compliance consulting, education, technology and outsourced services for investment advisers, broker-dealers, hedge funds, investment companies and insurance companies. NRS has the practical expertise, proven capability and unparalleled reach to deliver integrated and effective compliance solutions to a wide range of users within the financial services industry.  NRS delivers these solutions through three interrelated offerings – comprehensive education, best-in-class technology and expert consulting services – enabling our clients to meet their regulatory requirement and minimize risk. For more information visit

About Fox Financial Planning Network

FFPN serves financial advisors by providing tools, services and resources to help them improve and systematize the delivery of financial advice, while increasing profitability and growing their firms.  FFPN focuses on providing practical, real-world solutions to advisors, their staff, and the institutions that serve them, on the front lines of the financial advisory business.  All services offered by FFPN were developed based on the experiences of Deborah Fox, CEO of FFPN who is a 29-year veteran financial advisor and has been an industry consultant for over 20 years.  The AdvisorTouch brand was launched by FFPN to help firms leverage the powerful combination of state-of-the-art marketing, technology and practice management.

About Jemstep

Jemstep is a leading provider of robo-technology solutions to investment advisors and broker-dealers. Our advisor platform, Jemstep Advisor Pro, helps investment advisors scale their businesses efficiently through harnessing the best practices of robo-technology for client engagement, onboarding and servicing. Established in 2008 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Jemstep has an established track record of introducing new and multi-patented technologies for the wealth management industry. Jemstep is led by team with over 100 years’ combined experience in financial management and technology development. For more information visit and follow Jemstep on Twitter: @jemstep.

About True North Networks

True North Networks, LLC is a leading provider of IT managed and hosted cloud services within the financial industry with clients throughout the country.  With the increased number of reported cybersecurity breaches, True North Networks recently launched its’ flagship offering of SecureWorkplace™, a fully managed suite of security services which includes reporting, monitoring, remediation and employee training services to reduce the likelihood of a breach.  TNN takes pride in their mission of helping their clients be more productive by designing, delivering, and servicing tailored network solutions that address their individual needs. For more information visit